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Piper Cross Performance Air Filter

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 Piper Cross Performance Air Filter   1kg

We now stock Piper Cross washable air filters for the FJR1300. These are a fit once,, performance filter, with a lifetime guarantee at an unbelievable , introductory price of only, £39.95 ! (RRP £52.00)

Over the last 25 years, Pipercross performance air filters have helped many race teams win major championships on the British, European and World stage. The development work carried out with these teams and constructors have enabled us to produce some of the most technically advanced filters on the market.

Pipercross air filters consistently outperform paper and cotton-gauze rivals to supply air to the engine - even when dirty! This is thanks to the multilaminate construction used in every Pipercross performance air filter. Layers of varying porosity foam all work together to trap different sized particles.

Performance Benefits

Designed to provide a dramatic increase in airflow over a standard paper air filter whilst still retaining the highest level of engine protection, a Pipercross motorcycle air filter is the last air filter you will need to buy for your bike.

Pipercross motorcycle air filters have been repeatedly tested on many different motorcycle configurations and the results speak for themselves. An increase in both power and torque without the need to modify fuelling, all by simply replacing the air filter unit.

Through extensive research and testing using the SAE J726c air cleaner test, we have developed the perfect combination of filter density and thickness for each layer within the air filter.

Where Pipercross filters are impregnated with the dirt retention additive, the filtration performance is greater enhanced as the additive helps the foam to swell, opening the cells whilst providing a "sticky" layer to hold more dirt. This greater dirt capactiy translates to longer service intervals, saving you time and money.

At Pipercross, our performance air filters are also tested on independent state-of-the-art engine Dynamometers and the results speak for themselves with the graphs showing both horsepower and torque figures in comparison to the standard air filter and intake system. 

Lifetime Warranty

Every Pipercross performance air filter is covered by our limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and as Pipercross filters are washable, there is no waste - helping the environment and your wallet!







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