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Forte Moto Power 1

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Forte Moto Power 1 150ml

When added to a full fuel tank, Forté Moto Power l will offer the following benefits:  

Removes deposits from injectors, nozzles and injector needles. 

Neutralise acids formed due to ageing and oxidation of the fuel. 

Protects against corrosion and dissolves tar, varnish and resin in the fuel system

Prevents freezing of carburettors

Removes moisture from the tank and carburettors

Reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption

Improves combustion and engine performance

Stabilises fuel that contains ethanol (up to E10 Ethanol)  

Forte Moto Power 1 is a complex blend of specially selected cleaning agents which act together to dissolve deposits that are formed in fuel systems which restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers.

Forte Moto Power 1 is compatible with all fuel system and engine components, including Lambda sensors and Catalytic converters.

Forte Moto Power 2 has been specifically formulated to combat drivability concerns caused by contamination and the adverse effects of fuel degradation

Forte Moto Power 2 cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system, both pre and post- combustion. The treatment is completely safe with all fuel system components including catalytic convertors and Oxygen sensors

Engine treatment manufacturer Forté has launched Moto Power I and II to combat motorcycle fuel degradation and engine contamination.

Both Moto Power I, a pre-combustion cleaner that targets the injection system and Moto Power II, an all-purpose entire fuel system cleaner that acts pre- and post-combustion, are formulated for motorcycles to provide engine protection.

They are suitable for all bikes and scooters, regardless of age, as well as two-stroke engines by adding the treatments to the fuel prior to mixing. Moto Power I and II are also compatible with E10 high bioethanol content petrol. Cleansing and protecting the fuel system pre-combustion, Moto Power I is recommended for use when a running problem occurs. The treatment removes tar, varnish and resin, cleans the injectors and removes moisture from fuel to protect against fuel ageing which can occur in just 30 days, making the product ideal for bikes that are not used on a daily basis. As a result, Moto Power I restores performance, maximises fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.

Targeting the entire fuel system, Moto Power II is ideal for regular maintenance. The product removes contamination from the petrol tank and fuel valve, carburettors and the whole injection system, as well as carbon deposits on the intake and exhaust valves, combustion chambers and upper piston ring grooves. This results in improved combustion and engine performance and throttle response.

Both Forté Moto Power I and II have a recommended retail price of £9.95 each.Adding both treatments at regular three-monthly intervals and when a bike is being stored can reduce fuel degradation and fuel system and engine contamination.  

Directions for use.  Ideally, add  whole bottle  of Forte Moto Power 1 to full tank of fuel and use bike normally until tank reaches reserve, refill, then add bottle of Forte Moto Power 2.


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