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Massive selection of Yamaha FJR1300 parts


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When you first order parts you will be asked to raise a username and password. DON'T use your Web club details.  We suggest you set up using your name as a Username and perhaps your membership number as the Password

All products are discounted, where possible, for Club Members. Where shown, Sale prices are exceptional club discounts against the RRP marked above.


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Postage charges MAINLAND UK ONLY (Estimate);

(Overseas, NI, CI & IOM have different charges see below)

Total items weighing less than 200g (0.4lb) postage and packaging is £2.50

Total Items weighting 200g (0.4lb) to 800g (1.6 lbs) postage and packaging is £4.00

Total Items weighing 800g (0.4lbs) to 1600g (3lbs) postage and packaging is £8.00

MAXIMUM CHARGE IS £12.50 no matter how much you purchase or what the postal charge shows or if contents of parcel exceed £100 value


Postal Charges for Overseas (Estimate)  

(This is for parcel less than 15kg and smaller than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm);

Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey)  £12.95

Ireland (Republic of)  £18.95

Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Netherlands  £15.99

France & Monaco  £17.50

Italy  £23.50

Spain  £30.75

Portugal  £34.50

Parcel under 2kg will be considerably cheaper.

We promise to use our discretion and will endeavour to send goods, if practical as cheaply as possible


Each item has its weight shown in RED next to the title, so that you can work out approx weight of parts ordered. Then using the quotes obtained from link below, you can work out the estimated postal charges that you will incur.





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Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this stie before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu 



Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this site before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu