USED Parts

any questions please ring 01454 299325 or email direct on

Please remember most of these parts are possibly from a Yamaha FJR of up to 15 years old.

The parts sold are servicable, ie they would pass a M.O.T, but there is no promise of how long these parts will last.

If you have any doubt please contact me direct /.


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Various FJR1300 2001-03 Model parts (Fits most models)

No Price

Left Hand O/E exhaust Silencer 2005

Orig.: £700.00
Sale: £130.00

R/H O/E Silencer Fits All models.

Orig.: £700.00
Sale: £130.00

Used Good Condition O/E Shock

Orig.: £980.00
Sale: £50.00

2006 -2102 Headlamp unit Complete (UK Spec)

Orig.: £565.00
Sale: £120.00

R/H O/E FJR1300 pannier( colour silver year 2017)

Orig.: £350.00
Sale: £100.00

FJR1300 top Fairing 2017

Orig.: £430.00
Sale: £70.00

Used R/H Side Panel


FJR1300 2010 R/H Fairing Side Panel

Orig.: £467.00
Sale: £114.00

FJR1300 2010 Centre Upper Fairing Panel

Orig.: £165.00
Sale: £54.00

FJR1300 2017 R/H Side Panel

Orig.: £380.00
Sale: £45.00

Fuel Pump 2001- 2002 model

Orig.: £680.00
Sale: £69.00

FJR1300 2010 Front Mudguard

Orig.: £144.00
Sale: £60.00

Galaxy Blue Front Mudguard (2003-2005) Fits all


Tail Unit For 2001 FJR1300 (Blue & Red available not Silver as pic.)

Orig.: £400.00
Sale: £40.00

Battery Tray and Frame


Screens O/E& pattern from £15.00

Orig.: £180.00
Sale: £15.00

Shaft Drive Unit Complete

Orig.: £500.00
Sale: £90.00

Complete Rear Subframe

Orig.: £840.00
Sale: £40.00

Rear Brake Master Cylinder Assembly SOLD


2006 FJR1300 silver Mudguard

Orig.: £140.00
Sale: £39.00



FJR1300 2005 model R/H side Panel

Orig.: £435.00
Sale: £25.00


No Price

Clutch Master Cylinder and Lever Assembly Complete 2001-05 SOLD

No Price

Front Brake Master Cylinder assembly complete 2001- 2003 SOLD

No Price

R/H DPBM Side Fairing Panel SORRY SOLD

Orig.: £435.00
Sale: £25.00

2006-2012 Right hand Indicator BRAND NEW ! SORRY SOLD

Rear Brake Caliper ALSO see 'BRAKES' SORRY SOLD


Cut Down seat 2001 - 2005 SOLD

Orig.: £400.00
Sale: £99.00

SEAT (Front and Rear Sections) 2006>SOLD

Orig.: £500.00
Sale: £90.00

Pair used Shad side cases plus New Fitting Kit SOLD


Wavy Discs (pair) fits 2003 -2015 SOLD


SHAD SH50 Topcase used Plus New Fitting Kit SOLD

No Price

Good Used Rear Linkage Arm SOLD

Orig.: £310.00
Sale: £220.00

Right hand Engine Cover (All Models) SOLD

No Price

Heated Grips (Daytona) SOLD

Orig.: £59.00
Sale: £25.00

Technoflex shock absorber SOLD

Orig.: £600.00
Sale: £120.00

Used O/E Shock OK Condition and servicable SOLD


R/H Side Panel SOLD

Orig.: £115.00
Sale: £45.00

SW Motech Quick Release Pannier Mounts 2001 -2005 SOLD

Orig.: £210.00
Sale: £99.00

Front Calipers (2001 - 2005) including S/S Hoses! SOLD


Front Fork Leg assembly 2001 SOLD


O/E Shock With HYPERPRO Spring Conversion SOLD


Top Right Hand Side Fairing Panel (NEW) SOLD

Orig.: £117.00
Sale: £69.00

Inner Left hand Fairing Panel 2003 model FJR1300 SOLD


Used Givi Monorack SOLD

Orig.: £92.00
Sale: £60.00

Screen Motor (2001-2005 models) SOLD

Orig.: £400.00
Sale: £120.00

Armstrong Rear Wavy Disc SOLD

Orig.: £89.00
Sale: £49.00

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Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

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Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this site before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu