What Brake Pads Do I Buy?
For road users, there are two main types of brake pads and which sort you should choose depends on your bike, your weight, the weather and the conditions which you will be riding in (for example trail or road, wet or dry).
Organic which are made of materials like glass and rubber held together with resins.
Sintered which are metallic and bound together by pressure and temperature.
Organic Motorcycle Brake Pads
Organic brake pads tend to be very heat resistant - in fact the heat generated by braking even helps to bind the brake pad material together. They are generally quieter to run and generate less brake squeal. They have more bite initially when they are applied and when they are new and need less time to wear-in. However organic pads don't last as long at sintered pads as they are made of softer material.
Organic pads are better for lighter-weight riders and are great for cross country, flatter areas and general everyday road riding. Their initial grab is much better than sintered pads, but they will wear out quicker.
Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads
Sintered pads give a better performance in the wet and are more resistant to 'brake fade'. Because they are made of harder metallic materials they last longer than organic pads. They are generally better for heavier riders and for wet or dusty conditions or for racing.
Sintered pads do not have the initial bite of organic pads and will take longer to wear-in, but they will be performing better at the end of the ride, due to the heat being transferred back through the caliper not the disc, therefore helping to prevent brake fade. Sintered pads are generally louder than organic pads.
When you are deciding which motorcycle brake pads to use make sure that you choose the type of pads which will enhance your motorcycle's performance best and suit your type of riding.
In our opinion the best pads for road use, for braking performance, we have used, are Bendix/SBS.  Depending on stocks, we may supply either type when you order.

Bendix/SBS Front Sintered Pad Set (Per Disc) 2001 - 2005 models


Bendix/SBS Sintered Front Pads 2006 Model > per caliper


Bendix/SBS Rear Brake Sintered Pad Set


Ferodo Eco Organic Pads 2001-05 model


Ferodo ECO Front Pads 2006> (Per set)


Ferodo ECO Organic Rear pads all models


Ferodo Platinum Brake Pads 2006> (per caliper)


EBC HH Sintered Pads (2006> Model) Per Disc


Brake Fluid 250ml


Yamaha O/E Rear Disc (All models)


Yamaha O/E Front Discs (01-02 pair)


Yamaha O/E Front Discs (03> pair)


NG Rear Disc All Models


NG S/Steel Front Brake Discs (Pair) 2003> model


NG S/Steel Front Brake Discs (Pair) 2001 - 2002 Model


Armstong Wavy Front Discs (Pair) AVAILABLE FOR ALL MODELS


Armstrong Wavy Rear Disc (All Models)


New Rear Caliper Fits All Models


Heavy Duty O/E Rear Caliper Slide Bolts


Rear Brake Caliper Brake Bolt Boot (Each)


Front Brake Caliper R Clip (2001 -2005)


Brake Pad Pin 2001-2005 each


R1 Type Brake Caliper Piston Seals

Orig.: £58.00
Sale: £29.00

Blue Spot Caliper Tool


Rear Caliper Brake Seal Kit


2006 Brake seals BOTH CALIPERS

Orig.: £129.00
Sale: £40.00

Brake Pad 2006- 2016 Pin each

Orig.: £9.99
Sale: £7.99

Stainless Steel Bleed Nipple (front and rear)


Bleed Nipple Covers


Stainless Steel 3 line front brake lines (inc.Splitter)


Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines (2 LINES)


Stainless Steel Rear Brake Hose to match Hel 3 line Front


Stainless Steel Rear Brake Hose


Stainless Steel Clutch Line (see Clutch)

No Price

Front Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit (2001-2003 Non ABS)

Orig.: £38.00
Sale: £19.99

Brake Micro Switch (Front and Rear available) (2001 -2012)


Wurth Brake Paste


ABS service lead (see workshop tools)


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