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Wheels and Tyres

We can supply major manufacturers tyres at competitive prices straight to your door.


The club highly recommends the  *Bridgestone T30 EVO GTs'   These tyres are brilliant. In our opinion nothing on the market comes close to their combined attributes of grip, steering,  wet weather roadholding, and mileage longevity. Yes, they are at the expensive end of the spectrum but they will totally transform your FJR1300. They have, however, now been superceded by the Bridgestone T31 and T32's. These are still in the same 'ball park' as the T30's so we have no qualms in recommending them for your FJR.

"T30s are the best tyres you can buy for the FJR1300" Jake 'Peg' Udall 24/05/2018


* In stock for collection and fitment and available for delivery to your door direct from importer (£15.00 courier). 


As a general rule, in our opinion, the following applies to help you choose the correct tyre for your type of riding

  +  Excellent grip wet or dry, price                                               Continental Motion

  + Ooutright grip wet or dry,                                          Metz. Roadtec 01's

     good steering and handling, latest technology,         Bridgestone T30's (also Price) /

       basically all pretty much outstanding tyres!                      Angel GT's


Tyre wear rates: These are the tyre wear rates that we have obtained with tyres fitted to our own personal FJR. (You may obtain more or less depending on your riding style).


Conti Motion                      Front 6000 miles     Rear 4500 mile                   

Bridgestone T30/1/2 evo GT    Front 6500 miles  Rear 8500 miles   

 Conti Road Attack 2           Front 4500 miles         Rear  8500 miles

 Pirelli Angel GT A                Front  6000 miles    Rear  9000 miles

Metzeler roadtec 01's             Front 6000 miles     Rear 7000 miles



 Postage via courier is £15.00 for either one or two tyres. Tyres are  usually delivered by the  next day, if ordered before noon the previous day. If you want to have them fitted at the workshop please make sure you inform us,  before turning up for your service, to make sure we have your  exact required tyres in stock. For those who cant stretch to the prices of these tyres the club lists and supplies other  tyres. The ones we recommend  offer good value and excellent properties that suit the FJR1300 well. Other tyres, although cheaper, may not offer the same attributes.


Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this stie before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu 



Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this site before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu