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ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray

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ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray *  600grm


Imagine a world without corrosion! Just think, no rust, less maintenance, cleaner engines, greater reliability, higher residual machine value. How much easier things would be!

Now imagine a highly sophisticated, non-toxic, active, thin film water-displacing compound.

A compound with salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors that stays active for up to 12 months.

A lubricant so advanced that it is approved for electrical components (40Kv dielectric yet NO electrical contact resistance). A product that will stop existing corrosion as well as preventing it from starting.

A product that was developed to help jet aircraft stay airborne.

As close to ZERO CORROSION as nature will allow.

Picture 1 is product

picture 2 is metal untreated and left outside for 1 month

Picture 3 is metal treated with ACF50 and left outside for 1 month

Proven by the U.S. Navy on their aircraft carriers and used by Boeing on their aircraft fleet. This new spray chemically neutralises salt and repels water. Kills corrosion on contact and even shines your plastic. Use on the whole bike (except Brakes!) including engines and exhaust pipes (smokes on start up). Use also as a lubricant and penetrant. Ideal for bikes used all year round. Fantastic on switchgear. On unexposed areas reapplication isn’t required for approx. 12 months.  I’ve been using this on my FJR and have been well impressed!



- Forms an "Active" ultra thin, clear film that kills exisiting
  corrosion cells, and will protect your bike against new 
  corrosion forming.
- "ACTIVE" which means it keeps on working - doesn't
  need reapplying after every wash.
- Contains no water, silicon, teflon or wax - No sticky
  build up!
- Safe for use on electronics.
- Chemically neutralizes road salt.
- Dries out moisture.
- Safe on all components; electronics, chorme, paint, and
- Use on heads, cooling fins, throttle linkages, brake
  cables, battery terminals, voltage regulator, suspension,
  engine components, torsion bars, fuel control units, fuse
  box, swingarm, relays & connetors, chain, ignition
  switch, security systems, FOBs and more!
- ACF-50 can be sprayed on, wiped on with a rag, or
  professionally fogged for complete protection.

ACF (Anti-Corrosion Formula), is a state of the art, anti-corrosion lubricant compound that actively treats metal using advanced polar bonding technology. ACF-50's synthetic inhibitors and active chemistry penetrates through the oxide deposits to the base of the corrosion cell where it emulsifies, encapsulates, and then lifts the electrolyte away from the metal surface. ACF-50 then allows any moisture to evaporate while providing an atmospheric barrier that prevents further moisture contact. With the electrolyte removed the corrosion process is halted. It will then remain active and effective for 24 months.


TIP; Before use warm trigger spray in some warm water for a few minutes. The ACF50  will exit the nozzle in a finer spray action.

ACF-50 was developed 15 years ago and has amassed a record of performance unique in the aerospace industry.


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