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Nitron Shock  (Standard Length) All Models

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 Nitron Shock  STANDARD  3.0kg

The Nitron Street Shock has been developed to offer a competitively priced quality shock absorber that meets the requirements of the clubs highest expectations.

This Shock has been developed from the ground up and features a high pressure, nitrogen gas, mono-tube design with  an uprated spring that gives the rider a 20% advantage over the standard o/e spring with improved damping characteristics to match. 

The body is Titanium anodised aluminium, to provide a robust and corrosion resistant finish, and has the provision to adjust the length of the shock (to raise or lower the ride height).

Other features include an infinite spring preload adjustment and 30 click rebound adjuster at the bottom of the shock as per o/e. Because the shock is devoid of any remote hydraulic adjusters or bulky separate reservoirs the fitment of the Nitron Street shock is very simple.

The shock will come set with the clubs recommended settings so all that may be required is a little fine tuning to get the ultimate setting.

Nitron’s bike shocks are all hand built for the club and are made of the highest specification billet aluminium, CNC machined to exacting tolerances. The result is a very lightweight shock with excellent anti-fade properties that will not only last a long time but will also stay looking good.

Here are just some of the features on the Nitron Shock.

• CNC machined aluminium construction
• Hard and Titanium anodised for excellent life and wear properties
• Teflon lined bearings and bushes to stop any metal on metal friction
• Ultra-low friction seal design
• Length adjustment fitted as standard
• Very light weight
• Easily rebuilt and revalved
• 3rd piston shim stack for very low speed rebound control

Two damper body lengths are available STANDARD and SHORT (10mm Shorter)

If you require a lower seat height please order the short version.


Nitron Racing systems design and manufacture a range of high performance shock absorbers for both cars and motorcycles. Nitron's gas mono shocks have been developed on the race-track at the highest levels, the experience gained and the technology employed is used throughout the range. All Nitron's shocks are designed in house using latest full 3D solid modelling CAD techniques. All the shock components are CNC machined from the best billet materials, entirely in the UK, ensuring total quality control. Nitron Racing Systems also carry out design and suspension evaluation and analysis. Extensive in-house testing facilities are also available to ensure the technology used is constantly at the forefront of racing design 


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Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

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