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Wurth Fuelcure 330ml N/A

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Wurth Fuelcure 330ml 500grm

Cures water related problems in fuel for all types of petrol injection engines. (See Pic 2)

Fuel cure converts moisture content in fuel, into a combustible lubricant, preventing and eliminating all problems associated with moisture contamination in fuel.

Unleaded petrol contains up to 5% ethanol  (super unleaded doesn't). This chemical takes in moisture from the fuel and air. As water is denser than petrol this sinks to the bottom of your tank and slowly rusts your fuel tank from within. If your fuel level runs low it will also allow the water to enter your carbs/ injectors and cause bad running. Fuel cure will eliminate this problem.

When used preventatively or at every service interval fuel cure removes residue responsible for increased fuel consumption and reduced performance.

Fuelcure enhances the smooth running and performance of the vehicle and cleans the whole fuel system, restoring optimum fuel flow.

FJR Member writes:

"My bike has been a little off perfect for some time now, the engine runs slightly rough at the bottom end of the rev range, after a while it just get’ s on your nerves so I phoned the club for some help or advice as almost certainly they would have come across problems like this before. Various questions were asked to try and pinpoint the likely cause of this sluggish and rough part of the rev range,  I explained all the things I had done, checked, or tried,  but with little or no improvement.  “Wurth Fuel Cure” was suggested as a possible way forward , this additive will not only clean away  water etc that may be in  the petrol, but also cleans the varnish deposit in the carbs or fuel injection systems that builds up over time and does slightly restrict fuel flow. It is very difficult to believe that putting a small amount of this  additive into my petrol tank would make such a difference. The engine now runs like it should, the sluggish/rough running of the engine has gone, so the performance of the engine has really improved and the bike is more fun to ride."    Member Gordon Steele


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Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

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