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Listed below are products we stock and the relevent menu title where you will find them.    

If you have a OE part number and wish to order  the part,

please use the form in ' Yamaha o/e parts ' menu

PRODUCT                           MENU


ABS SERVICE LEAD            Workshop

ACF 50 SPRAY                     Maintenance Sprays

AIR FILTERS                        Servicing Parts

ANGLE VALVE                     Wheels and Tyres

AXLE ADAPTORS                 Workshop

BAGLUX                               Luggage

BANJO BOLTS  S/S              Brakes

BATTERIES                          Electrical

BATTERY CHARGER            Electrical

BEANIE HAT                         Clothing and Regalia

BLEED NIPPLE CAPS           Brakes

BRAKE HD BOLTS               Brakes

BRAKE CLEANER                 Maintenance sprays

BRAKE DISCS                      Brakes

BRAKE GREASE                  Brakes

BRAKE FLUID                      Brakes

BRAKE LEVER                     Handlebars

BRAKE PADS                       Brakes

BRAKE R-CLIPS                   Brakes

BROQUET                           Fuel System

BULBS                                Headlamp



CAM COVER GASKET            Engine  

CAMERA                                Accessories                           

CLEANERS                            Maintenance Sprays

CLUB PAGE                          Join The FJ Owners club

CLUB REGALIA                     Clothing and Regalia

CLUTCH                                Clutch

CLUTCH LEVER                     Handlebars

CLUTCH PLATES                   Clutch

COVERS                                 Accessories

CRAMPBUSTER                    Handlebars

CRUISE CONTROL                   Handlebars

COOLANT                               Radiator

COOLANT  PIPES                     Radiator

DOC 100 CLEANER            Maintenance Sprays

DUST COVER                       Accessories

DISC BOLTS                            Brakes

DRAIN PLUG                          Servicing Parts

DRAIN PLUG WASHER           Servicing Parts

ENGINE PROTECTORS           Mushrooms

ENGINE CLEANER                  Engine Additives

ENGINE FLUSH                      Engine Additives

EXHAUST SYSTEMS               Exhaust

EXHAUST GASKET                 Exhaust

FAIRING SCREENS                 Screens

FASTENERS                            Fasteners

FENDER EXTENDERS              Fender extenders

FILTER PLUS                           Servicing Parts

FJR CENTRE                            Join The FJ Owners Club

 FOOTREST ADJUSTABLE          Chassis      

FOOTREST RUBBERS               Chassis

FORK COMPONENTS                Suspension

FORK LEGS                               Suspension

FORK OIL                                 Oils and greases

FORK SEALS                             Suspension

FORK SPRINGS                         Suspension

FS365 PROTECTOR                  Maintenance sprays

Fuel Cap                                   Bodywork

FUEL STABILISER                    Fuel System

GEAR INDICATOR                     Electrical

GEAR LEVER RUBBER               Engine                 

GEAR OIL                                   Oils and Greases

GIVI LUGGAGE                          Luggage

GLOVES (NITRILE)                     Servicing Parts

GRAND TOURING SEAT             Touring Accessories

GREASE                                     Oils and Greases

GRIP PUPPIES                            Handlebars

HAGON REAR SHOCK                Suspension


HANDLEBAR RISERS                  Handlebars

HANDGUARDS                           Handlebars

HANDY STAND                           Accessories

HEADLIGHT GUARD                   Headlamp

HELMET BAG                             Accessories

HEATED GRIPS                            Electrical

H-PRO SUSPENSION                  Suspension 

HI-VIZ BIBS                                Clothing & Regalia           

HORNS                                         Electrical

HOSES (BRAIDED)                      Brakes

INTERCOMS                               Accessories

K&N FILTER                               Servicing Parts

LEG SHIELDS                              Bodywork

LIGHTS, AUXILLARY                   Headlamp

LIGHT GUARDS                          Headlamp

LINKAGE ARM                            Suspension

LUGGAGE                                    Luggage

MAGNETIC OIL FILTER              Servicing Parts

MICRO SWITCH (Brake)              Brakes

MIRRORS                                   Mirrors

MORRIS OIL                               Oils and Greases

MUSHROOMS                            Mushrooms

NITRON SHOCK                         Suspension

O/E PARTS                                 O/E Misc Parts

OILS                                           Oils and Greases

OIL FILTERS                              Servicing Parts

OIL FILTER WRENCH                Servicing Parts

OWNERS HANDBOOK               Accessories 

PAINT                                        Maintenance sprays        

PARTS MICROFISCHE               Free Downloads                      

PATTERN OIL FILTER                Servicing Parts

PLUGS                                       Servicing Parts

POWERHUB                                      Electrical

POWER SOCKET                       Electrical

PROTECTIVE FILM                     Accessories

RAD FLUSH                                Radiator

RADIATOR CLEANER                 Radiator

RADIATOR GUARD                     Radiator

REAR REFLECTOR                     Fender Extenders

REGALIA                                     Clothing and Regalia

REMUS                                       Exhaust

RIDE LOWERING KIT                  Suspension 

RIDE HIGHERING KIT                 Suspension 

SAT NAVIGATION                       Accessories

SAT NAV MOUNTS                      Accessories

SCREENS                                     Screens

SCREEN PIVOT NUTS                 Fasteners

SCOTTOIL FS365                        Maintenance Sprays

SEATS (EXCHANGE)                   Seats

SERVICE KITS                            Servicing Parts

SERVICE DATA                           Servicing Charges

SERVICING CHARGES                Servicing Charges

SHAD LUGGAGE                        Luggage

SHAFT DRIVE OIL                      Oils and Greases

SHOCKS (REAR)                        Suspension

SIDESTAND FOOT                     Accessories

SPORTS SCREEN                      Screens

STICKERS                                 Clothing and Regalia

SW MOTECH RACK                   Luggage

SWEAT SHIRTS                         Clothing and Regalia

S/S EXHAUSTS                          Exhaust

TANK BAG                                 Luggage

TANK PROTECTOR                   Accessories

TAX DISC HOLDER                    Accessories

TOOLS                                       Workshop

T-SHIRTS                                  Clothing and Regalia

TYRE REPAIR KITS                   Wheels and Tyres

TYRES                                       Wheels and Tyres

TYRE GUAGE                            Wheels and Tyres

VACUUM GAUGES                     Workshop

VALVE CAPS                             Wheels and Tyres

VARIO SCREEN                         Screens

VENTURA LIGHTGUARD           Headlamp

VISOR CLEANER                      Accessories

WEBSITE                                  Join The FJ Owners Club

WAX PROTECTOR                    Accessories

WHEEL BEARINGS                   Wheels and Tyres

WORKSHOP MANUALS             Workshop