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Shocks and Springs


These are club recommended Rear Shock Absorbers for all models of FJR1300 and also club recommended Fork Springs


All club shocks and springs have been tested and developed with the manufacturers to perform better than the original fitted items.

Please note: The original Rear shock absorbers for all models of FJR1300 up to and including 2012 were weakly sprung and all benefit from changing to a better shock.

The original cannot be rebuilt succesfully (Some E-bay sites list this as an option) and also some list 'new' shocks removed from Ex-Police bikes at low prices (about £110). These are still weakly sprung and poor. (I can sell you a used shock for £40-£50 that will work just as well see 'used parts')

BUT take my advice; Dont waste your money, save up a bit more and buy an aftermarket shock.



 The springs are on the soft side which can cause the forks to bottom out under heavy

breaking, this depends on your rider weight and again how hard you ride the bike, the big

problem with the forks is they do not have enough rebound damping, which makes the forks

spring back very quickly when you let go of the brake or accelerate, this causes the bike to

run wide out of corners and makes the bike difficult to turn in to a corner. We modify the

forks fitting harder springs to suit the type of riding you do and also your rider weight, we also

re-valve the forks increasing the rebound damping to control the forks. 


 The standard unit on the FJR1300 is a sealed unit and also a cheap unit. We find for the

average rider weight the spring is a little on the soft side, but there is also a little bit too much

compression damping. This makes the bike sit down under hard acceleration and run wide

out of corners, but at the same time on bumpy roads the back might "kick" a little off the

bumps. The unit is sealed so can not be re-valved, because of the design of the unit it can not

be re-sprung*. *( Not Strictly True. See Hyperpro Spring Conversion)


Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this stie before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu 



Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

Welcome to join on this site before ordering. see 'Join the FJ Owners Club' in menu